Messaline and Anvita met at dance festival in Fribourg and the curiosity and desire to explore and understand each other’s dance forms led to the establishment of this collaborative and creative dance venture.

Serendipity aims to create projects, creations, productions and workshops using Kathak and contemporary dances, but we are also open to explore other dance styles and movement arts from different genres across boundaries.

The objective of this dance company is to conduct a research for deeper understanding of the dance forms, the essence of their movements such as shapes, lines and angles, the sensation it creates and the intention they are led by, to discover how they can be integrated by finding similarities in their differences. The findings of our research during the process will be used to create stories on abstract themes, which we would ultimately share with both dancers and non-dancers from any field and background.

In long term Serendipity plans to share their work, not only through performances but also by conducting workshops and organizing guided jams with people from diverse movement backgrounds, styles and genres, where together we exchange our range of moves using concepts and visual images. This would not only help us in sharing our knowledge but also would help expand people’s perspective and creativity.