Messaline Gerstein

Messaline Gerstein studied different kind of dances. Born in Switzerland, she has been travelling a lot to deepen her knowledges of dance. In 2014, she attended a professional dance training at FUNCEB in Salvador de Bahia, in North Brazil for more than one year. During her stay, she studied traditional brazilian dances (such as maracatu, bumba meu boi, capoeira, afrobresilian traditional dances) but also modern and contemporary dance and ballet. Having studied the silvestre technique in Switzerland, she took advantage of her stay in Salvador to get a deeper training in this technique with a well-known teacher.

Having the desire of deepening her floor work and beeing passionate about contemporary dance and its limitless possibiliies of creation, she made the decision to improve her understanding of this type of dance, after leaving Brazil in 2015. She travelled to different countries (Spain, Germany, Israel, Switzerland), to attend workshops besides her weekly training (Gaga Summer Intensive Tel Aviv, Tanztheater Madrid, etc.). Curious and convinced that body language is a way to discover one’s body through a different perspective, she tried to deepen her understanding of the body using new insights (through new dance forms) to improve creative potential.

With a great desire of discovering other dance forms and to see the body through another perspective, she enjoys collaborating with dancers from multiple backgrounds.

Anvita Pandey

Anvita Pandey is a professional Kathak (Indian classical dance) dancer and teacher based in Zürich. She is a disciple of Sangeet Natak akademi awardee and Padma Shri Shovana Narayan, and under her tutelage she has practised and performed for more than 10 years. Trained in the Lucknow gharana (style), she also holds advanced degrees with distinction from Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad and ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing), London.

She performed in various cities and festivals in India under Shovana Narayan’s dance company, before moving to Zürich in 2016. Anvita is now actively performing, teaching and conducting workshops in and around Switzerland. She further continues to enrich and expand her repertoire by attending master classes and intensive workshops by professional dancers and teachers around the world (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, India, Austria, Turkey and Switzerland).

She is also enthusiastic about learning and understanding modern and contemporary dance forms and has been training herself regularly to create projects which could integrate the different movement styles.

Nicholas James Eyring

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Nicholas has been involved in the local music scene from a young age. Through ten years of jazz piano study at the renowned Ecole de Jazz et Musique Actuelle (EJMA) in Lausanne, Nicholas became proficient in various modern styles – starting with jazz and blues standards before branching out into jazz fusion, rhythm & blues, pop/rock and gospel. Driven by a passion for organic sounds and intuitive expression, his key influences include Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Ramsey Lewis and Richard Tee.

Nicholas has performed in various bands in the Lausanne and Zurich areas, both as a support member and band leader. As a soloist, he has played events and theater productions in addition to writing and recording music of various genres.

Always on the lookout for interesting ways to channel his musical curiosity, Nicholas is currently exploring classical influences and visual performance scoring – never missing an opportunity to share his music with the world around him.

Sarvesh Dwivedi

Sarvesh, by profession is a computer scientist, and explores his creativity mostly on his laptop. But when not behind a laptop screen, he loves to peek through his camera viewfinder, trying to capture fleeing moments, be it a dancer in motion or a bird in flight or morning light filtering through the forest canopy.